Some Dried Fruit Samples


Some Dried Fruit Samples

Some Dried Fruit Samples

Consuming dried fruit is indeed a very beneficial action for the body.

Here are a few examples of dried fruits:

Dried Apricot Dried apricot, which is a complete healing source with its rich nutritional value;

It facilitates digestion, provides a feeling of satiety, helps weight control and is good for constipation.

Studies show that there is a direct link between dried apricot consumption and longevity.

RaisinsRaisins are the dried form of green grape varieties. After the fruits are dried, they turn amber.

They may look wrinkled and tasteless, but raisins are a nutritional center.

They are rich in a wide variety of critical vitamins and minerals.

Raisins can be eaten raw, made into pastries or made into raisin water concentrate.

It can also be mixed with oatmeal and other breakfast cereals.

Dried Fig Dried fig stands out not only with its taste but also with its benefits to human health.

As it contains minerals, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, the calorie of medium figs is just 35-40 calories.

Vitamin AVitamin C Vitamin KB vitamins Potassium Magnesium Zinc Copper ManganeseIron


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