Things To Consider About Dried Fruits


Things To Consider About Dried Fruits

Things To Consider About Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is a type of fruit in which all the water content of almost every fruit is removed by drying method.

As the water content decreases during the drying process, the weight of the fruit also decreases.

Let's talk about apricot for example;

100 grams of fresh apricots, 3-4 pieces and 50-60 calories on average,100 grams of dried apricots.

It is 12-13 pieces and is about 240 calories.

As can be seen, the volumes of the fruits decrease and the energy density increases during the drying process.

In other words, if we compare the 100 grams of dried fruit and fresh fruits, the number of fruits in the dry ones is mainly calorie;

We expect their vitamin and mineral content to be higher.

But the portion size does not change for dried fruit and fresh fruit.


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