What is Drying?


What is Drying?

What is Drying?

There are many purposes of drying applied to foods.

The product is protected against the growth of microorganisms and other reactions by losing moisture with the drying process.

Quality features such as color, taste, odor, aroma and nutritional value are also preserved with the correct drying process for dried fruits.

In addition to these, the decrease in product volume with drying increases the efficiency of transportation and storage processes.

Carefully selected fruits and vegetables are dried after pre-processes such as washing, sorting, peeling, chopping and seed removal.

Since fruits and vegetables are sensitive to temperature, effective drying at low temperatures is important.

Fruits and vegetables are supplied to you, our valued consumers, without losing their natural properties and nutritious value, by the drying process that we do with our own drying machines designed for fruit and vegetable production.


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