Dried food Mulberry manufacturing


Dried food Mulberry manufacturing

Dried food Mulberry manufacturing

Dried food Mulberry is mainly appealing to moths.

To ensure our dried food mulberries are freed from moths and larvae, we fumigate them in a pressurized tank using only CO2 and without chemical substances.

This allows us to offer dry mulberry that can have a shelf life of up to 3 years. Dried food another issue that should be carefully monitored in mulberry manufacturing is the presence of Ochratoxin A, a compound produced by various styles of fungi.

As a supplier serving clients round the arena, we ensure that our mulberries comply with regulations governing permissible ochratoxin levels, that may vary from country to country.

for example, the ecu Union does no longer create a general limit, at the same time as its member state Germany only allows levels up to 2 µg / L.

All dried meals mulberry processing is performed in our BRC certified facility and our mulberries are certified natural beneath USDA and eu regulations.

it is packaged according to the needs of our clients and shipped to everywhere in the world.


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