Dried food exclusive quality


Dried food exclusive quality

Dried food exclusive quality

As the world's largest supplier of dried food mulberries, we're in the fine function to fulfill your dried mulberry wishes.

We ship orders as small as a pallet load to six continents of the world. Our partner businesses will gladly help customers with their retail needs.

For extra statistics, please touch us. Our dried food Mulberries also are available under different manufacturers at dealer Joe's, Amazon and whole foods. In 2012, Dr. brought by ozas a superfruit, the dried food mulberry is more and more ate up and gaining wider popularity in the organic food market.

Dr. oz.s low glycemic index, which it describes as its most important feature, makes it an great snack for each youngsters and adults.

Dried food the uniqueness of mulberry is also due to its resveratrol content.

This antioxidant increases the frame's resistance to unfastened radicals and reduces leukocytes inside the blood.

The beneficial houses of mulberry were known for centuries in the near and far East, where it has historically been used as an antiseptic to heal wounds in the mouth.

Dried mulberries are a rich supply of vitamins, especially diet C, which gives them fitness-promoting properties.

Dried food mulberry facilitates protect the body from various types of cancer, in addition to winter illnesses including cold and flu, by removing loose radicals. additionally they help speed recovery from disease and save you the unfold of microbes.

One serving of one hundred g of dried mulberry offers 43 energy. Dried mulberries are wealthy in vitamins A, C and E.

Their nutrient content is 70% carbohydrates, 12% fiber and 12% protein, making them significantly extra protein sources than different fruits.


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