Apricot Fruit


Apricot Fruit

Apricot Fruit

B.C. The apricot tree, grown since 3000, was brought to Anatolia 2500 years ago.

The weather and fertile soil of the region made it particularly appropriate for apricot cultivation and Anatolia has long been recognized as the second homeland of apricots.

Dried food Our natural apricots in Malatya (Turkey) and Malatya are called apricots are grown.

Turkey, within the world to supply eighty% of the organic apricots and apricot is a pacesetter inside the marketplace.

Apricots grown in Turkey, Uzbekistan and different countries of the apricots grown has a completely different taste.

Turkey, Turkish government officials apricots for the export of fruit and the size of a standard that calls for him to test the great (TS 485) has been created.

Our apricots are grown in fields far from metropolis centers without using chemical fertilizers.

it is hand-harvested and removed from the core, then left to dry within the sun until it reaches a brownish-black shade.

Our apricots are 100% natural and not handled with sulfur dioxide.

Turkey-based certified organic suppliers, the small shops in Turkey, diced wholesalers and importers round the sector, we supply dried apricots. Dried food organic apricots purchased from Costco, Walmart or whole foods can be ours.


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