Dried dried food Figs


Dried dried food Figs

Dried dried food Figs

manufacturing Dried figs are risky to contain Aflatoxin B1.

Aflatoxin B1 is a herbal toxin produced by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus Parasiticus fungi.

ordinary publicity to this toxin is known to purpose liver most cancers.

therefore, all dried food figs are checked for Aflatoxin B1 earlier than chopping.

A very last laboratory analysis is continuously made on the cut figs.because the chopped figs are included ultimately products along with different ingredients, it's miles not possible to remove the solids from the diced figs after use.

on this way, we do visible and x-ray controls and uncooked material control for overseas substances of plant and plant origin earlier than and after slicing. Dried food The fruit's stems are also removed from the fruit earlier than production.

further, we ensure that there are no dead bugs left in figs with CO2 fumigation.We also guarantee that the rice flour we use during the slicing process is GMO and gluten-free and only makes up 5% of the product.

we will produce diced figs in different sizes from three mm to twelve mm.


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