Dried food figs


Dried food figs

Dried food figs

Dried food Fig has been a supply of prosperity for Turkish farmers since historic instances.

As 80% of the world's figs are grown in the fertile lands of Western Anatolia, the country is a nicely-established leader within the manufacturing and export of dried food fruits.

we're a reliable natural dried fig supplier as our factory has EC, NOP, JAS and BRC certificates.

natural food dried Turkish figs in Turkey, we supply licensed natural providers. All our dried figs are wiped clean, processed and packaged in our BRC certified facility. dried figs grown natural food in the company of our project in western Turkey every year we export more than 500 tons.

All of our figs are herbal and do not contain hydrogen peroxide. Dried figs into small stores in Turkey, We supply wholesalers and importers around the sector.

Organically dried figs from Costco, Walmart or whole foods may well be ours. Our partner companies will gladly help clients with their retail needs. For more information, please touch us.


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