Dried food Strawberrymanufacturing.


Dried food Strawberrymanufacturing.

Dried food Strawberrymanufacturing.

Dried food since sparkling strawberries contain about ninety% water, dried food strawberries are produced according to 1/12 dry / fresh strawberry ratio.

therefore, one kilo of dried strawberries offers nourishment of 12 kilograms of sparkling strawberries.

consequently,the dehydration process needs to be implemented cautiously to strawberries to avoid chemical changes that can lead to the loss of important functional components.

Low temperature processing provides a low price of water elimination that may save you unwanted physical modifications to the product.

The defoliation process in sparkling strawberries is a critical point in the manufacturing of dried food strawberries.

If the leaves aren't properly eliminated after drying, they may become impurities of natural starting place in the very last product.

All of our strawberries are also checked for foreign substances of non-plant origin using an x-ray machine and metal detector.


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