Dried food is grapes, raisins / currants


Dried food is grapes, raisins / currants

Dried food is grapes, raisins / currants

however, unlike fresh grapes, it's miles a concentrated source of power and wealthy in vitamins, electrolytes and minerals.

based on a weight-per-weight comparison, 100 g of dried food grape contains 249 energy, numerous instances more fiber, vitamins, minerals and polyphenol antioxidants than fresh grapes.

but, dried grape incorporates less folic acid and lutein than clean grapes, and much less carotene and xanthine.

A handful of raisins brought to your yogurt will provide enough calcium to your bones.

Dried food grape is one of the best sources of boron, a micronutrient that performs a key position in the formation and renovation of bones and permits the body to take in calcium extra effectively.

Dried food grapes are also wealthy in potassium, however they're any other food object that helps us combat osteoporosis and joint degeneration.


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