What's in dried fruit?


What's in dried fruit?

What's in dried fruit?

As mentioned earlier, the dried fruits have a much lower water content than their fresh counterparts. This and the fact that the sugar content rises relatively sharply during dehydration means that dried fruits can be stored for a particularly long time.

Unfortunately, most of the vitamins it contains are lost during manufacture. Minerals, however, are retained.Perhaps you have already noticed that there can be large color differences between the individual varieties.

A good example of this are the dried apricots. While some specimens glow orange, others are more pale and brownish. This is because the food to be dried is often treated with sulfur to keep the original color. Visually, they are more appealing, but from a health point of view, the unsulphurized fruits are more recommended and the taste is more authentic and intense with untreated products.

An acceptable alternative to sulfurizing is treatment with vitamin C. This process also preserves the original color of the dried fruit, but not nearly as long as sulfur.

Although dried fruits have a significantly higher energy content than fresh fruits, they are relatively low in calories compared to most other sweets and a healthier alternative for those next cravings.


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