The best freeze dried raw dog food


The best freeze dried raw dog food

The best freeze dried raw dog food

best freeze dried raw dog food has a tendency to be high-quality and excessive-cost. because they are mild-weight and shelf-solid, best freeze dried rawdog food is particularly handy to bring on road journeys with your dog.

Are you looking for the most pricey manner to feed your dog? probably now not – but if fee is no object, the freeze-dried dog food products we’ll describe here are very high-quality foods which are extraordinarily shelf-stable (in many cases, without using any preservative, or with a herbal preservative only). Many are made with natural ingredients; many are made with certified humanely raised and/or grass-fed meats. all of the best freeze dried raw dog food diets are made with a high inclusion of meat; a few contain as much as ninety five percent animal muscle meat, organ meat, and raw floor bone.

most of the alternative components in best freeze dried raw dog food diets are raw and/or very lightly processed. all of the freeze-dried raw diets we reviewed are grain-free – no longer due to the fact we think grains are inappropriate in these foods; it’s the best freeze dried raw dog food manufacturers who seem to have determined that raw feeders won’t purchase a product that contains any grain.

Many people who feed domestic-prepared or commercial raw diets to their dogs when they are home replace this food regimen with a freeze-dried raw food when they travel, or whilst the dog is left with a sitter who doesn’t need to cope with a clean or frozen raw eating regimen.


benefits of best freeze dried raw dog food

similarly to being raw and lightly processed, freeze-dried dog diets offer different advantages:


1. Freeze-dried food shops longer than kibble.

Very low-moisture foods such as these products can be saved at room temperature (in unopened applications) without spoilage or rancidity – much longer than kibble. That’s because most freeze-dried diets contain about 3 to five percent moisture; traditional kibble usually contains about 10 percent moisture. The much less moisture there is in a food, the much less organic interest can occur.

2. dogs love the taste of best freeze dried raw dog food.

when rehydrated, these foods are highly palatable to maximum dogs. it may be due to the attention of flavor in freeze-dried food components or their minimum processing. dogs with poor appetites (like very senior or chronically ill dogs) may accept those foods when not anything else appeals.

3. really good ingredients in freeze-dried dog food.

As a generalization, the makers of those best freeze dried raw dog food products are targeting the top end of the marketplace and feature an extraordinary dedication to sourcing pinnacle-excellent substances.

raw Freeze-Dried dog food is still raw dog food

though it should be obvious, it bears repeating that all of the goods covered in this review are made with freeze-dried raw meats. raw diets aren’t for every dog or owner. Cooked foods can be safer for immune-compromised individuals. a few dogs digest cooked foods better.


That said, best freeze dried raw dog food don’t appear as “raw” as raw-frozen or sparkling raw foods, but it’s important to understand that they may be, in fact, raw. Freeze-drying removes a lot moisture from the ingredients that it stops the biological movement (decay) in the food, with much less damage to the beef’s natural enzymes or nutrients than cooking temperatures cause. when the foods are rehydrated, the biological interest of any pathogenic micro organism that is probably present in the food can resume.


The food protection Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 carries 0-tolerance regulations for products that check effective for pathogenic micro organism. for this reason, some of the manufacturers of freeze-dried raw foods subject their merchandise to a “kill step” known as high-pressure processing (also called excessive-strain pasteurization, and anyways abbreviated as HPP); they don’t need to danger accelerated surveillance or remembers from food control officers.


The owners of some businesses, however, accept as true with so strongly in the blessings of raw foods, that they refuse to use a kill step. instead, they depend on the quality of their components and their own food “danger evaluation and critical manage points”(HACCP) plans to prevent promoting contaminated products. They keep in mind that the FSMA policies are gift to shield dogs and their owners, and that nowadays’s human food deliver does sometimes comprise pathogens – but they also have determined that maximum wholesome dogs can thrive on raw meals that can comprise some pathogens (few wholesome dogs have hassle with Salmonella, for example, even though Listeria and e. Coli are another tale). And, importantly, they engage and train their purchasers about those facts.


There are food-industry experts who sense strongly that HPP is a completely safe generation, and others who worry that it is able to modify ingredients on a molecular level. We sense quality approximately HPP; we’ve been to HPP flowers and discovered the uncooked canine food before, in the course of, and after treatment and have confidence that it isn't always harmed or made hazardous to feed. then again, we admire the right of owners to feed raw foods that have now not passed through a kill step – so long as they are informed about the risks to which they are subjecting themselves and their dogs. 


 some of the companies utilize a “test and hold” program whereby finished merchandise are tested for pathogens and not released for sale until results indicate the products are uncontaminated.


varieties of best freeze dried raw dog food


The freeze-dried foods available on the market are numerous in content, look, and shape. some are very excessive in protein and fat – there are even merchandise that contain extra fats than protein! – while others compare in those respects to high-end kibble. always check the guaranteed analysis whilst switching to a product on this category, particularly when feeding a dog who needs to be on a decrease-fat diet.


most of these  best freeze dried raw dog food products are meant to be rehydrated with water before serving, even though the goods that come in small cubes may be fed as treats without rehydrating. In general, even though, adding water will bulk up the meals, making it more filling on your dog, in addition to simpler to digest.

a number of the best freeze dried raw dog food products are very powdery, which makes them become a kind of mush (or gruel, depending on how much water you upload) whilst rehydrated. a few are powdery with massive chunks of identifiable dehydrated meats, fruit, and/or greens – either an advantage (if your canine enjoys the comparison in taste and mouth-experience) or a disadvantage (if your canine seeks out only the chunks or mush and eschews the alternative).


ordinary best freeze dried raw dog food ingredientson


the table that starts offevolved on the next page, we've got indexed the ingredients for one variety of each company’s best freeze dried raw dog food. while a chook range was available, we used the ingredients of that range, so you ought to compare relatively similar product services.