storage of dried fruit nuts


storage of dried fruit nuts

storage of dried fruit nuts

The shelf life of the different types of dried fruit varies because of different factors, which include the amount of fats.

The proper storage situations are crucial for long-term storage, for example to prevent the oil contained inside the dried fruit nut from turning into rancid or from taking over the taste of different foods.

We therefore recommend removing the nuts from the packaging and packing them in a darkish, hermetic and dry place. preferably in a darkish, resealable field, like in the cans from our variety of dried fruits. darkish glasses are also very appropriate. you may also use a mild-colored glass if necessary, but the durability may be impaired by using feasible incidence of mild.

immoderate temperatures, moisture and light have a negative impact on the garage of dried fruit nuts.therefore, in case you don't have a room with steady temperatures between 13-15 ° C, it's miles advisable to save the dried fruit nuts in a suitable field within the fridge.considering those are natural dried fruit products, we cannot guarantee that the dried fruit and nuts will taste the identical after a year as they did on the primary day, but nicely saved dried fruit, you could maintain them for an extended time frame.

if you want to store the snacks for an even longer time frame, you can without difficulty freeze the dried fruit nuts in an odorless box.


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