garage of dried fruits


garage of dried fruits

garage of dried fruits

We recommend maintaining our dried fruits cool, darkish, dry and airtight. To do that, take the fruit out of the packaging and fill the products into a dark, resealable field, such as the cans from our variety of dried fruit

.it's miles specifically important that no condensation forms on the dried fruit. The best temperature for garage is between 10 ° C and 12 ° C. you can easily save the dried fruit in the fridge in a dark, resealable container.

dark glasses also are very suitable. you may also use a mild-coloured glass if necessary, but the durability may be impaired through viable incidence of mild. Our dried fruits are freshly packaged and are only stored with us for a very short period of time under best situations.

because these are natural dried fruits, we cannot assure that the dried fruits will still flavor the same after a 12 months as they did on the primary day, but if you store them successfully you can preserve them for a longer period of time.If a white, crystalline layer must appear on the floor of the dried fruit, it is also a matter of sugar.

in the method, fructose comes to the surface while the residual moisture escapes. this doesn't represent a nice or taste deficiency and is a purely natural process.


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