the whole thing approximately dried fruits apricots


the whole thing approximately dried fruits apricots

the whole thing approximately dried fruits apricots

unsulphurized Picked directly from the tree, apricots are wonderfully candy refreshment on warm summer season days.

unfortunately, like other ripe fruits, fresh apricots need to be eaten speedy and in most cases only last up to 2 days. so you don't have to wait longingly for the following apricot harvest all year round, we've come up with some thing very unique: Dried fruits, dried apricots - an ideal snack for on the go!

the best mixture of sweet and bitter
originally from central Asia, the delicious, sun-ripened fruits at the moment are mainly produced in Turkey.

The apricot is a stone fruit within the rose family. even as fresh fruit it tastes very fragrant and splendidly candy.

because of the gentle air drying, the particular taste of the apricot becomes even more intense. similarly to their aromatic sweetness, apricots get a pleasantly sour note during drying. we've got not anything to feature to such a taste explosion. And best of all: Our apricots are unsulphurized and include no extra sugar - simply pure fruit amusement.

plenty more than just a snack
whether in muesli, as a topping for yoghurt and desserts or truly as a snack - the small energy fruits turn out to be a actually fruity all-rounder.

in case you fancy a little DIY spreads, you can also use the dried apricots for fruity jams or fragrant chutneys. another tip for those of you who like to experiment: The apricots are also really good in hearty dishes which include Indian rice dishes or oriental stews.

deliver it a strive - there aren't any limits to your creativity!as though that weren't enough, you also store with the benefit size and at the same time avoid useless packaging waste.


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