everything about dried fruits banana strips


everything about dried fruits banana strips

everything about dried fruits banana strips

You probably are aware of it, that sudden yearning for a candy snack this is typically tough to disregard. Oh sure, we're affected too! fighting towards it is pointless - and you don't even need to.

so you can indulge your sweet teeth with out regrets in the future, we've got a new, herbal snack alternative in our variety. in case you are simply as huge a banana fan as we are, you need to be especially happy now: you can now get the delicious dried fruit energy fruits in dried strips.

so that you are optimally equipped the next time the little, sweet starvation visits you with out asking. The total load of dried fruit
Bananas originally come from the tropics and are among the oldest cultivated plants. The yellow fruits are around 15 cm tall and vary in shade from inexperienced to yellow depending at the degree of ripeness and variety.

We only use ripe and therefore candy fruits for the production of the banana strips. those enable maximum entertainment - without any additives.

free from added sugar and preservatives
Our dried fruits are completely herbal and come in their airtight packaging with out the addition of sugar, sulfur or artificial flavors. As a result, they taste pleasantly fruity and not as sweet as conventional dried fruit bananas.

A pure fruit pride that you surely must try!
That little extra helping of strength
The unsweetened bananas are an great snack for each event - whether at the go, at work or at college. Bananas are not handiest a realistic supply of energy for athletes.

by the high share of fructose and glucose they deliver power mainly speedy. there may be now even a small more portion of motivation to take away without the concern of a soft banana mishap to your pocket.

a good deal more than just a snack
The sweet bananas are not only the best alternative to traditional sweets.

they're additionally ideal as a fruity addition to mueslis and porridges or as a topping for smoothie bowls and chocolate desserts. The gentle strips also show themselves as a baking ingredient: How approximately a fruity, juicy banana bread or a banana cake garnish?

thanks to their sweetness, the dried bananas even give hearty dishes and warm dishes an advanced twist.

The delicious all-rounder dried fruits are lightly dried and without added sugar. So feel unfastened to grab it: Dried banana strips.


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