Dried fruits organic jackfruit, dried


Dried fruits organic jackfruit, dried

Dried fruits organic jackfruit, dried

The jackfruit is a actual exotic. it's miles difficult to get really ripe fruit.

it really is why we're happy to be able to offer the giant fruit in a dried shape. Their pleasant, fruity smell and candy taste make them a fruit that can be used in lots of ways and also tastes great natural as a snack. fun fact:

because of its fibrous consistency, the jackfruit has recently also been used as vegetable meat by vegetarians and vegans.

but, only the unripe harvested fruits are appropriate as meat substitutes. those are marinated in brine after which processed into meat substitutes in Western nations. since the unripe and fibrous pulp has rarely any flavor of its own, it may be marinated as desired.

Dried fruit jackfruit tastes great on its own as a snack or cut into small portions for your muesli and porridge. in addition, it gives many dishes an exotic and fruity notice and is therefore also suitable for salty and hearty dishes, including Currie, salads or stir-fries.


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