the entirety approximately freeze-dried sour cherries


the entirety approximately freeze-dried sour cherries

the entirety approximately freeze-dried sour cherries

Do you continue to know deep, darkish red bitter cherries from grandma’s lawn or from Pumuckl cake?

Dried fruits sour cherries and indulge in formative years memories with the crunchy snack.
lightly dried dried fruits sour cherriessome small however fine details distinguish our sour cherries from grandma's berries. unlike with grandmother, you now not have to pit our cherries with Flotten Lotte.

so you can snack on them on every occasion you want and whenever you need, dried fruits. The cherries lose up to 90% in their water content during freeze-drying. but: they maintain their fruity aroma and their candy and sour flavor.

versatile recipes for bitter cherrieslike any different dried fruits, the sour cherries are best as a small snack for in between or as a topping for muesli. With the dried fruit sour cherries you could spice up your liquids in no time at all:

in reality upload a few fruits to the water, tea or gin. no longer just a visible highlight!

if you have a baking fairy slumbering, you may conjure up fruity sour cherry cookies, a cherry strudel in a pitcher and tempting chocolate-cherry balls with sour cherries. Psst, insider tip on the end: try a delicious sour cherry chutney as a side dish to the best grill plate.


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