The elixir of existence


The elixir of existence

The elixir of existence

but the most critical factor is one substance, without which the mild is going out very quickly:

water The final constructing block of our body. everyone includes up to 60 percent of it. For a 30-year-old guy who weighs 70 kilograms, it's far the equal of forty two liters.
sadly, the substance evaporates all too speedy: 

liters go away the frame as urine each day. if you get diarrhea, you could lose up to 8 liters in 24 hours. On a strenuous dry meal with a hiking excursion, around  liters per hour are lost in sweat.

you can simply exhale up to 6 liters a day in dry, cold climate and at great altitude. If the body gets too little water, issues quick arise: speedy fatigue and untimely exhaustion, local frostbite and thrombosis, embolism, kidney stones and in the end disintegrate can result.

The alpine sport body structure recommends keeping the outside menu like dried food as varied as possible - ideally with carbohydrate-wealthy dried food combined food. each morning, before the daily start of the hiking section, you need to have a mild, dried meal with lots of liquid at breakfast without time stress.

each  hours, a break to eat and drink is the order of the day. immediately after the tour, only a small meal of dried food is consumed, but plenty of drinking. most effective one hour after the end of the tour is the primary meal of the day with dried food. Now we consume lengthy and lengthy. And once more consumed a lot of fluids.

"You don't eat and drink at the mountain to quench your hunger and thirst", say Holger Förster and Franz Bergholt within the Austrian guide to mountain sports nutrition, "but to maintain your overall performance."

No food this is still dried will improve your overall performance, but too little energy drains the batteries extremely fast. fitness is the important thing to our body's inexpensive use of energy.


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