raise your cups


raise your cups

raise your cups

again on the Globetrotter shelf: "Batida de Coco Creme" hangs there in a silver vacuum bag. specialists appreciate the dried food "Indian rice dish" and additionally the dried food "curry chicken". His absolute preferred, however, is "Mousse au Chocolat". one hundred milliliters of satisfaction at the go:

a part of dried red wine from the disposable packaging Nonsense? Flavors, it has been shown, are really not a minor matter. Dried food offers the important urge for food, which, especially on hard tours, is often less than what's actually required. If it's tasty, then you definately have a tendency to take it up and fill up your frame with relish.

Who knows, maybe "conscious" eating will quickly assist better over the mountain. however there is still no dried food, organic globetrotter lunch, however the current nutritional trend is already pointing to the destiny. until then, we'll buy some thing completely different.

"right here we've got a actual little comforter out of our pocket when the climate became virtually nasty", smiles and pulls a dried food surprise bag with the inscription "Alcoholic hot beverage powder with red wine extract" off the hook.

Cheers for the dehydration approach of our day: a dried meal of red wine in a bag powder with eight.2 percent alcohol.

"those who only drink water have some thing to cover." Charles Baudelaire, the French poet once stated. but we are first rate hikers and eventually properly ready for the wild dried food out there. For the benefit.


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