Dried food manufacturer Extrusion process


Dried food manufacturer Extrusion process

Dried food manufacturer Extrusion process

Dried food manufacturer andDry feed is made by baking or extrusion.

The dried food manufacturer is pressed into diverse shapes (e.g. croquettes) through blending raw substances in an extruder in a screw under high pressure and possibly with steam. The heating during baking or extrusion breaks down carbohydrates and makes them easier to digest.

Then nutrients and solutions of protein hydrolytes or fats are sprayed on in order to complement the vitamins or to increase acceptance. this is referred to as coating. If the fat content is very high, vacuum coating is used to obtain a fats-free surface.


After extrusion and coating, the food is dried and the food is dried to specified values ??and cooled.
america company Purina turned into one of the first dry food manufacturers to produce dry food.

Its founder, William H. Danforth, began producing dry food for various livestock in 1894. "Purina Horse Chow", "Purina dog Chow", "Purina Cat Chow", "Purina Rabbit Chow", "Purina Pig Chow" and even "Purina Monkey Chow" were produced under the name "Chow".

The development and manufacture of dried food manufacturer of dry meals is a thriving enterprise today. for instance, the dried food producer offers a wide range of ornamental fish foods that meet the needs of a extensive variety of fish species.


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