Dried fruit.Dried fruit are covered


Dried fruit.Dried fruit are covered

Dried fruit.Dried fruit are covered

Dried fruit and greens are included in “five an afternoon”. Dried fruit are used when fruit only have a residual moisture content of around 20 percent.

one of the 5 vegetable and fruit quantities can be replaced with a handful of unsweetened dried fruit every day. How much corresponds to a serving depends on the drying process.

120 g of fruit generally make 20-30 g of dried fruit.The drying process extends the shelf life, as the natural sugar content will increase and the moisture content material decreases and microorganisms no longer have a basis for life. this is why they're a good way to improve the “5 a day” stability, especially in the cold season while the range of vegetables and fruits is limited.

Fruity greens Dried fruit are ideal as a sweet snack to nibble in among. since the sugar content material in dried fruit is very high, they also can be used to sweeten cakes, muesli bars or muesli mixes. often it's far then feasible to dispense with including sugar.

With a handful of dried fruit, the “5 a day” percentage increases in no time in any respect. Dried fruit do not best move well with sweet dishes.

they are additionally a fruity addition to salty dishes such as salads, sauces, meat dishes or stews.

Carrot and coleslaw with raisins, chicken ragout with dried fruit, apricots and plums, dates full of cream cheese for an aperitif ... the listing can be extended with many recipes.


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