Use of dried fruit


Use of dried fruit

Use of dried fruit

Dates, figs and raisins have been crucial ingredients when caravans crossed the desert for millennia. Dried fruit was additionally important for long expeditions or in delivery to guard against scurvy.

Up until the center of the twentieth century, dried fruit was one of the maximum important wintry weather sources of vitamins within the northern regions along stored fruit.

In contrast to sweets, the sugar in dried fruit does no longer get into the blood as quickly, so the metabolism is not moreover burdened and a longer satiety is caused.

the feeling of satiety can be influenced by the water lost during drying and therefore the volume or weight. Dried fruit contain extra vitamins and power than sparkling products, every based at the identical mass.

for example, 100 g of fresh apples have a physiological calorific cost of around 226 kJ (fifty four kcal), relying on the range.

when drying, apples lose approximately 90% of their weight. 100 grams of dried fruit apples correspond to around one kilogram of fresh produce in phrases of their energy and nutrient content.


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