Dried fruit raisin


Dried fruit raisin

Dried fruit raisin

Raisins (from old French roisin or East-antique French rosin, from Latin racemus 'wine berry') are dried fruit of grapes.

The term "raisins" is each the generic time period for all dried fruit and grapes as well as the particular call for the dried fruit of a positive grape variety. 

they're harvested when they may be ripe and then dried in the sun or color until the moisture in the berries is most effective around 15 to 18%.

This requires a attention of the fructose content material of round 33%. they may be honey yellow to dark brown in color. four to 5 kilograms of grapes make one kilogram of raisins.

The OIV report provides information on viticulture with information on raisin production.


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