Dried Zibeben fruit


Dried Zibeben fruit

Dried Zibeben fruit

(Arabic zabiba, Sicilian zibibba) are dried fruit on the vine with seeds.

In dry harvest years they are processed right into a Dried Fruit Trockenbeerenauslese (a wine with a high residual sugar content material).

an average representative of this production technique is the Hungarian wine "Tokaji Aszú" (Tokaj eruption wine), wherein a certain quantity of Zibeben is always brought to the fresh must before fermentation.

In southern Germany and parts of Austria, "Zibebe" is a general term for dried fruit grapes that are used in the preparation of dishes. in line with the dictionary, this expression is beginning to give manner to the term "raisin".

according to the Duden, the word is one of the southern German and Austrian peculiarities. In 2009, the dictionary of Austrian contained the explanation “large reddish raisin” and noted that the word was “also southern German”.


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