Benefits Of Dried Apricots


Benefits Of Dried Apricots

Benefits Of Dried Apricots

It is ric in iron. For this reason, it can be used in the treatment of anemia.

Thanks to it contains copper in addition to iron, it also helps stabilize mood and increases the production of red blood cells. Dietary fiber ratio is very high.

It helps the digestive system to work and prevents constipation. However, consuming too much causes diarrhea.It is among the most important potassium sources.

Because it contains high levels of magnesium, it naturally balances blood pressure and lowers high blood pressure.

Thanks to it is a source of vitamin A, it improves vision and prevents the formation of eye diseases. Dried apricots are used even in the treatment of eczema just like some other dried fruits.

There is no sugar in dried apricots. Its glycemic index is extremely low and does not raise blood sugar.


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