Benefits of Dried Coconut


Benefits of Dried Coconut

Benefits of Dried Coconut

According to a scientific study, most types of coconut contain high levels of potassium.It not only lowers high blood pressure, it also helps balance water and sodium regulation in your body.

This is one reason why potassium is seen as particularly important before or after the workout. Although it does not provide complete protein, it is a great source of amino acids, containing 17 of the 20 essential amino acids required for our body.

Threonine supports the formation of collagen in the body, helping to form connective tissue and joints. It also supports liver health, provides strong tooth enamel and rapid skin healing.

No one thinks of coconuts as a good source of iron, but a half-cup serving of coconut meat contains 11% of the daily recommended iron intake.

Iron helps oxygenate your blood and bring oxygen to the rest of the body, raising your energy levels and helping you build healthy muscles. Eating dried coconuts with some other dried fruit makes you healthier and energetic.


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